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GTV9 was amongst the first television stations to begin regular transmission in Australia. Test transmissions began on 27 September 1956, introduced by former 3DB announcer Geoff Corke, based at the Mt. Dandenong transmitter, as the studios in Richmond were not yet ready. The station was officially opened on 19 January 1957. The Richmond building, bearing the name Television City, had been converted from a Heinz tinned food factory, also occupied in the past by the Wertheim Piano Company (from 1908–1935). In 1957, GTV9's first large-scale production was the nightly variety show In Melbourne Tonight "IMT", hosted by Graham Kennedy, a radio announcer at 3UZ in Melbourne, before being 'discovered' by GTV9 producer Norm Spencer.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

8 mm film of GTV9 studios 1960.


Bruce Withey has sent in a digital copy of an 8mm film that he took in 1960, during his days at GTV9. It runs for 8 minutes 30 seconds and has not been edited or cleaned up in any way.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Old Cars and Old Stories

The VW I'm sure you'll remember well. GTV915 ( or was it 913?), note the phoney plug on 'wire wheels’, also the old side mount car aerial! I attached copper tubes over the twin exhausts for a while then found some larger diameter scaffolding and put that on instead!, also fitted a heavy duty Sports coil to make it go faster!!
The TR3A was taken at Rob Roy hill climb around April 1961. Note the dust coming off the wheel spinning rear wheels. The back of the photo has the TR's performance figures, of in those days a very fast car. After only 10,000 miles I'd had the head shaved and valves reground to make it go faster!! Fifty five years later it would only just keep up with a Toyota Corolla. I guess not too bad when one thinks about how cars have improved.
Somewhere I have a picture of my FE Holden taken half way to Sydney. I think I went with Geoff Kilburn and Barry Swinburne. I'll keep looking.  Also have some of the TR2 that I'll dig up. Unfortunately I don't have any of the Fiat 1100. That was so much fun. [Bill Dougall]

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Ayers Rock circa 1962, during a trip to Darwin and back by Peter Dare, Bruce Withey, Peter Chaffey and two others from NZ, driving Peter's 1960 Ford Zephyr and Bruce's Mini.
"A half hour or so before this photo was taken the pack rack for the Mini shot off the car into the bush when we went through a severe dip in the road. So we decided then and there to set up camp on a dry creek bed. Just on dusk a thunderstorm appeared on the horizon and headed our way. After a bit of discussion we decide to move to higher ground so that we would not be greeted with a stream of water through our tents in the middle of the night. The Mini - no idea of the year, but it was my car. Just a standard Mini. Peter Chaffey was co-driver. It was actually fairly easy to drive on those bad roads because the track was much narrower than normal cars. It could be driven above the wheel ruts, on the land in between them. Nevertheless we had a few incidents where it fell into those ruts - such as breaking the rubber engine mounts, about 100 Km south of Alice Springs. We used a couple of pieces of wood from a fallen tree to hold the engine in place until we reached The Alice. Then had new engine mounts flown in. In hindsight, we were nuts to do it." [Bruce]